Passionate about inclusion

Welcome to Integrating+

The adult outreach is an evolution of Integrating’s services which has been established to address our members growing-up, and the change of needs which comes with that.

The adult outreach is solely for people over the age of 16 and operates Monday – Friday, between the hours of 9am-4pm.

Our services includes

Universal service

Consists of a 1 Staff: 3 service users

Group-based activities within a community setting, transport and activity costs are covered by Integrating. Our universal service is designed to…

  • Offer social opportunities
  • Help create and maintain friendships and social lives in adulthood
  • Assist in developing independence and confidence

This is a self-refer service and is available to anyone with a recognised disability or long-term condition, living within Durham and Chester-Le-Street area.

Additional support package

This service is funded by the local authority for families who have been identified as requiring support. Transport and activity costs are covered by Integrating. This service will offer the same benefits as the universal package with addition of…

  • Assigned key worker
  • A more catered programme
  • Additional admin duties such as meeting representative and service reports

To be eligible for this package a family must undergo an assessment conducted by the local authority and then be approved by a panel. This can usually attained via a social worker or family worker.


Name: David

Age: 36 (Too old)

Time at Integrating: Started as a volunteer in 2009. 

Interests: Music, Football, Gaming & Socialising

Favourite Activity: Bingo

Favourite Food: Pizza or Homemade burger

About me: I started as a volunteer in 2009, at the time I was a supervisor in a local sports shop. Integrating completely changed my perspective and I soon left my job to pursue a career in health and social care. Fast forward to now and I am part of a successful charity with some excellent work colleagues. I am known as the old man around here but in reality….. I’ve never grown up, I’m daft and silly as always.

Name: Aimee Lea Allinson


Walking, binge watching Netflix

Time at Integrating:

Favourite Activities:

Favourite Food:
Pizza and wraps
About me: I have a 3 year old daughter named Isabelle. In my spare time we like to go to soft play and most nights a little walk.
Name: Hannah Saunders


Beach walks and going out for food

Time at Integrating:
7 years

Favourite Activities:
Swimming and cinema  

Favourite Food:
Pizza and duck wraps
About me: I’ve worked at integrating part – time since 2015 whilst in sixth form and university studying for a degree in physiology. I’ve always loved my job as a support worker so after graduating I took the opportunity to work full time at intergrating.

Name: Benedict Corrigan

Age: 21

Time at Integrating: Started in 2018

Interests: Video games, film and TV,  swimming and music

Favourite activities: Music project and cinema

Favourite foods: Homemade Chilli con carne, Indian curries and lasagne

About me: I started working for Integrating in 2018 whilst starting my degree at university. I have since finished my degree in Policing, Law and Investigation and have continued to work with Integrating as the role has always been so rewarding and I’ve always loved working here.