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Registering a Child or Young Adult With Us

How to Register

At Integrating we aim to ensure that the registration of a child or young person is stress free and responsive to the needs and preferences of the individual and their parents or carers. Please note that no child will be excluded or disadvantaged because of ethnicity, culture, religious beliefs, language, family background, disability, gender or ability.

To register your child with us please contact us and we will email/post you a registration form.  Upon registration parents/carers are asked to provide personal details and information relating to their child and themselves to help us with our initial assessments.

Download enquiry form

Please note: Confidentiality of information is always respected.


Waiting List

Upon completion and submission of the registration form, the child/young adult's name will be placed on our waiting list until a space on an activity becomes available. Names on the waiting list are in registration date order - i.e. the people who have submitted their registration form first will be at the top of the list. As soon as a vacancy becomes available the parent/carer will be notified and proceed to a home visit with the Project Manager.

Please note that individuals identified and referred to us as having a particular need may be given priority over strict adherence to the waiting list. When finance allows, a place is kept free for emergency admission. The waiting list is monitored to ensure that all sections of the community are being reached and to ensure that no discrimination is taking place on the grounds of gender and/or ethnic background of the individuals in the group.

During this time we appreciate your patience and will try our very best to accommodate you as soon as we can.

Settling In

We recognise due care and attention must be given to the parents, carers and children's need for time to settle into the project.  As a result, we allow a 1 month settling in period where we closely monitor your child/young adult with additional support during activities to ensure we understand your childs/young adults needs and behaviours.

Our aim is to work in partnership with parents/carers to ensure each individual settles into our group environments as effortlessly as possible. We offer a welcoming environment and ensure each child feels included, secure and valued whilst recognising each child as an individual and understanding their readiness to leave the parent/carer or vice versa. In order to deal with this, arrangements can be made to visit the group/activity prior to the child’s attendance if requested. We encourage parents/carers to stay with their child until both the child and parent/carers feel comfortable. There is no time limit on how long this might take. Over a period of time feedback can be provided to parents/carers about the developments and/or progress their child is making within a group or an activity.